Jackson 7 String Fret Level

Possibly on of the first 7 strings made by Jackson, according to the owner. They had to use an Ibanez trem as they were the only ones available. Who knows?

This issue was there wasn’t enough relief when using 9s. On inspection the frets were quite uneven but I levelled them with a bit of tension on the rod, meaning that is need be it could be loosened to give a little more relief. Once levelled this wasn’t necessary.

The trem was in fact a little out of order, I could see that the G string saddle was sitting too high. By organising the combination of number 1 and 2 saddles I got the radius pretty much dead on 16″ to match the fingerboard.

I was asked to swap to two push/push switches out and just leave one to control the coil tap on both pickups.