Gibson Midtown Custom

The owner was having some issues with fret buzz on this guitar and decided to file two frets lower to try and solve it. It worked for a while but then they decided to bring it to me. On inspection there didn’t seem to be any high fret, even where they had been filed, however when I started to level the frets it became clear what the issue was. A groove had been worn into the frets, mainly on the G string meaning all the frets after around the 9th were essentially high. Lowering the frets around the 9th and 10th remedied this for a while but the frets were still effectively high up the top end, plus now there was a real low spot.

Dues to the filed frets it took a little more levelling than usual, I also did my best to remove the scratches in the fret board.

A pickup swap was also carried out.