Re-Wire on Jackson Rhoads JS32

This Jackson came in with the owner complaining about excessive hum. When I looked in the cavity everything seemed a bit “scrappy” but when I checked it out everything was electronically fine. The “hot” wires from the pickups had been extended (from where they’d been grounded on the tone pot) to reach the selector switch and I guess this could be a culprit for noise but the cavity was a shielded with conductive paint so it shouldn’t really matter.

I decided to strip the wiring out anyway and start again to eliminate any dry joints and hopefully start from a level playing field. I also lined the cavity with copper tape to ensure it was screened correctly. Once everything was back together there was an improvement but nothing massive and I have asked thew owner to test the guitar with their gear to see if there is an improvement. If this is an intermittent problem I may see this guitar again.