Japanese Fender Jaguar

Not played for some time this Jaguar came in looking a little worse for wear. There were quite a few issues including intermittent issues with the output, heavily pitted frets, a very dry fretboard, a broken and collapsed nut and a slightly worrying crack on the back of the neck.

The issues with the output were largely due to a loose pot and the need for a good clean, the output socket was quite slack though and when I tried to tighten it the tab just fell off. I replaced this with a fresh one.

The frets needed levelling and the board drank up a lot of oil, I made a new bone nut and cleaned out the slot which was full of glue. I was worried there was an issues with the truss rod as it was very tight. The crack on the neck looked like it was going to become an issue. However once I investigated the truss rod nut I found that it was just rusty and needed lubricating.

After a good clean and some extra foam to raise the pickups a little this guitar feels great to play.