Humbucker Install on Fender Stratocaster

This Strat came in to have the single coil pickup in the bridge replaced with a humbucker which required some routing on the body and the pick guard. The owner was happy with the extra holes that were left after the new pickup was installed but a brand new scratch plate should have been made in the same or a different colour.

The fretboard was one of the dirtiest I’ve seen recently and with the current situation as it is I just need to say that washing your hands and wiping your guitar down regularly after you’ve finishing playing is not only good for the guitar but your health as well!

While setting up the guitar I noticed a gap between the nut and the nut slot and on inspection I could actually push the nut down, meaning it wasn’t actually fitted properly at all. Once it was removed it was clear that some one had hacked it to bit to try to get it to fit. I replaced it with a bone nut that I made.